Nail care service

Looking after your feet is an important aspect of your personal health care

We offer basic toenail and fingernail cutting services in the comfort of your own home. Our team of friendly, kind care workers are trained by an NHS Specialist Podiatrist to provide basic nail care

What does it cost?

We offer a Nail Cutting Service

  • £10 one-off cost for personal nail cutting kit, payable when booking your first visit
  • £20 for toenails only
  • £26 for toenails and fingernails
    (initial assessment visits £6 in addition to the standard charge)

Important to know

There are certain medical conditions, such as circulatory disorders, where we are unable to offer nail cutting.

If you have poor circulation, ischaemia,  are taking long term steroids, have unhealthy feet or troublesome nails (such as in-growing nails), or are more than a ‘low risk’ diabetic, then regrettably we can’t help but can ask your GP to refer you to a podiatrist.

Making an appointment

Initial assessments (including nail cutting) typically take 45 minutes and follow up visits 30 minutes. We recommend you make an appointment at least every 8-12 weeks to keep your nails neatly trimmed. Appointments are available 7 days per week.

Call us on 020 8768 4648 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm)