About us

For nearly 50 years, St Christopher’s has strived to provide the highest standards of care to people across south east London. In 2012 St Christopher’s set up a trial service in partnership with Croydon, aiming to reach a group of people that might not normally access St Christopher’s services.

A service was established to help people live independently in their own homes, supporting them with daily tasks such as washing, dressing, meal preparation and support with medication. Care workers were chosen through a highly selective recruitment model and given excellent training and support.

The feedback from service users and their families exceeded all expectations. Over the first year there was a growing demand from people who wanted us to provide their care. St Christopher’s Personal Care was established as a new independent company to meet this need.

We continue to focus on excellent recruitment and training, allowing us to offer the highest level of care to the wider population, not just those at end of life. Any profits made by the service are donated back to St Christopher’s Hospice to support the work of the charity.

As part of St Christopher’s, the service has access to the experience of a wide group of healthcare professionals. It also benefits from long-established links with other local health services.

Common questions


Are you part of St Christopher’s Hospice?


St Christopher’s Personal Care was established by St Christopher’s but is now run as a separate company. We share a common goal of providing excellent care to our surrounding population and any profits made by the service are donated back to the charity.


Is the service just for people at end of life?



Although our care workers are trained to provide care at end of life, we also look after a much larger group of people. This includes the frail and elderly, people with long term conditions, people recovering from an illness or those who simply need a helping hand with the essentials like washing and dressing.